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Early Theater Resume 

EMINENT DOMAIN (1983) Matrix Theatre (LA) Writer: Percy Granger Director: James Ray role: Victor Salt Cast: Stephen Elliot, Alice Hirson, Norbert Weisser
LA Times “Norbert Weisser gives a wonderful and slightly caddish portrait of the ambitious Salt. Eminent Domain ranks high in the subtlety of its multi-layered interaction.”
BLACK HOLE IN SPACE MET Theatre (LA) Writer/Director: Murray Mednick Role: David Reed Cast: John Ashton, Christine Avila, Michael Dawdy, Jim Gammon, Darrell Larson, Tom Lillard, Laura Owens, Marco Rodriguez, Alan Vint, Lorinne Vozoff, Norbert Weisser
LA Times “Norbert Weisser’s deranged David Reed delivers the most complete and touching character of the evening.”
HEADS Padua Hills Production (1991) Writer: Murray Mednick Director: Steve Abrezzi Cast: William D. Hunt, Nancy Mette, Norbert Weisser
LA Times “... and Norbert Weisser as Peter gives stunning performances, fueled by his character’s anger and desperation.”
MARY BARNES (1982-83) Odyssey Theatre (LA) Writer: David Edgar Director: Ron Sossi role: Eddie
LA Weekly Award: Best Play LA Drama Critics Award:  Best Actress, Laurie O’Brien Drama Logue Award: Best Supporting Actor, Norbert Weisser
THE PADUA HILLS PLAYWRIGHTS FESTIVAL   Annual event (1978-85) Los Angeles Writers: Susan Champaign, Kathleen Cramer, Martin Eppstein, Maria Irene Fornes, Bob Glaudini, Julie Hebert, O’Lan Jones, Susan La Tempa, Ed Machado, Leon Martell, Murray Mednick, Michael Monroe, John O’Keefe, Sam Shephard, John Steppling, Kelly Stuart
THE MAN WHO KILLED THE BUDDHA Padua Hills Production (1980) Writer/Director: Martin Eppstein
THE VISIT  (1981) Writer/Director: Maria Irene Forness Cast:  Toni Bechara, Candace Darra, James Dean, Nina Glaudini,  Paticia Mattick, Norbert Weisser
LA Times “Norbert Weisser is enchanting…”
JULIUS CAESAR (1978) Matrix Theatre (LA) Writer: Shakespeare Director: Joan Darling role: Decius Cast: Cliff De Young, Frederick Forrest, George Gaynes, Fox Harris, Allyn Ann McLerie, Dennis Redfield, Norbert Weisser
BRECHT PROJECT Odyssey Theatre (LA) Director: Frank Condon
BAD CONSCIENCE (1975) The Calendula Present Theatre (LA) Play about Capital Punishment Cast: Elinore Graham, Darrell Larson
WE TELL STORIES (1976) Director: Carl Weintraub Improvisational Theatre (LA)
SKYJACK ’76: ENTEBBE (1977) La Mama of Hollywood (LA) Writer/Director: Danny Goldman role: Wilfried Boese
LA Times: “Skyjack’76 is more than a play, it is a human drama that rips at your gut and shatters your composure.”
LA Drama Critics Circle Award: Best Play
CYPHER  (1978) The Company Theatre (LA) Laurence Play House Writer: Don Opper Director: Michael Monroe
PUBLIC WORKS (1976) Church in Ocean Park (LA) Director: Dale Eunson Improvisational Theatre
ProVisional Theatre (LA) AMERICAN PIECE  (1974-75) Schoenberg Hall (LA)   Writers: Don Opper Director: Steve Kent Toured the U.S. and Europe at the Petite D’Orsay Theater, Paris, France
Norbert Weisser in American Piece
DOMINUS MARLOW  (1972-74) Writer: Michael Monroe Director: Steve Kent role: Dr. Faustus
LA Drama Critics (best play)
XA - A “VIETNAM PRIMER”  (1972-75) Writer: Michael Monroe Director: Steve Kent Toured the US and Europe Nancy International theater festival in France in 1975
LA Free Press: “XA is probably the most important didactic theatre you will be able to see for a long time.
THE THREE PENNY OPERA  (1970-72) The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble (LA) Writer: Berthold Brecht Director: Ron Sossi role: Mack the Knife Cast: Alan Abelew, Jill Basey, Jacob Been, Suzanne Carne, Geraldine Chiabrera, Suzie Gelb, Norbert Weisser
THE SERPENT (1970-72) The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble (LA) Writer: Jean-Claude van Itallie Dirtector: Ron Sossi
CHANGES (1969) Director: Ruth Saterinsky Improvisational Theatre
DON’T STEP ON A LINE  (1968) Merry Street Theatre (LA) Director: Francine Parker One Acts
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